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I always try to think positively, and it usually comes naturally. But one day, I found myself sinking and could not cope with this kind of emotion anymore. I felt myself helpless and anxious in an unpleasant relationship. I tried so hard to find a balance to keep this relationship going, but situation still gradually went down. It did not end happily ever after, instead it ended worse than I could imagine; I started to doubt my ability to love someone. I don’t trust the essential element of being a human.

My world started to collapse and I sank. I lied in bed and gravity held me tight. Tears ran from me, as they were frightened to stay on my face. I shouted in my mind but no one heard my voice. I struggled and struggled, alone.


When love becomes heavy, it blinds our eyes and numbs our feelings. Even it is apparent when the connection between two begins to crack. Yet we deceive ourselves as long as we can of its existence, we cling to the loved one, even if in turmoil.

Sorrow did not stop when the relationship ends. The commitment from the one you loved keep echoing in mind for a while. The only solution to heal the wounded heart is by time. We learn lessons from previous experience; therefore, we then know when to cut off next time.

This project dedicate to people who have ever struggled in love. The use of solid tape represents the complex emotions that we have in an unpleasant relationship. Tape is representative of the mind in this state. It sticks to anything and in turn possesses.

Installation- ‘Falling’

Object- ‘Don’t go’

Ring- ‘but you promised’

Badge- ‘I have loved you’

Survival tool

Søren Aabye Kierkegaard, Theory of fall
Robert Sternberg, Triangular theory of love

Project- 'No more tears, tear no more'
group photos

Film & All Photography by Agnes Yu-Hsin Su