A Lifetime- showRCA,2014

Film by: YuEn Hsieh

Metaphysics and time are concepts that I am obsessed with. The familiarity of daily objects creates streams of consciousness that formulate many different stories in peoples’ minds. My work invites the viewer to enter a sequence representative of life. A selection of objects expresses seven different stages in a person’s life. The use of soap bubbles indicates the time that we can never hold on to, that which we only experience. As I am in a stage of finding my position in this world, by looking back into the past and dreaming about the future, thus I exist. No matter which stage we are in, we shall never forget the purest joy of play. It is the initial desire that motivated us to explore the concrete world and provides the building blocks for the sequence of our life.

*Image from film by Yuen Hsieh

*Photography by Edward Sheen
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